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New Product Releases:

AK2TX6 - Released 17th May 2010

Neatrol Systems has released the AK2TX6 six channel Airkey remote control transmitter. The AK2TX6 further extends the capacity of the Airkey suite of hand transmitters to include a 6 channel version. Carefully considered ergonomic design ensures the AK2TX6 can still fit comfortably on a keyring with house and car keys.

AKRPT - Released 20th April 2010

Neatrol Systems has released the AKRPT Airkey repeater. AKRPT Airkey repeater is ideally suited for applications where extended range is required for ordinary hand held Airkey transmitters. Each repeater can pass-on an Airkey transmission or another repeaterís transmission to ensure the original Airkey signal is received at the destination receiver. Application examples include car park duress systems where several repeaters can be used to cover a large area while only requiring a single central Airkey receiver.

AK2TX4 - Released 19th January 2009

Neatrol Systems has released the AK2TX4 Airkey transmitter. The AK2TX4 is a second generation secure Airkey transmitter which includes the latest contemporary design cues. Additional features include its rugged IP65 rated dust proof and water resistant housing with full silicone gasket along with a strong chrome plated die cast exo-spine. By utilizing the long established secure Airkey transmission format, the AK2TX4 can be seamlessly integrated to all existing Airkey installations while allowing customers to enjoy its fresh new appearance.

AKMAN - Released 8th September 2008

Neatrol Systems has released a PC connected Airkey manager. The AKMAN allows normal and advanced editing of the contents of all non-Wiegand receivers via a PC or Notebook computer. Simple PC software enables the addition of user names, addresses etc. to be included in a database to simplify the identification and deletion of lost or stolen transmitters. The same software also allows for the easy management of multiple backup files.

AKRX42-SX - Released 17th December 2007

Neatrol Systems has released an enhanced memory storage version of the AKRX42-S Airkey receiver. The AKRX42-SX has an incredible memory capacity of 4095 Airkey transmitters. Advanced shell sorting techniques enables the AKRX42-SX to verify the validity of any stored Airkey in less than 50ms - even if all 4095 slots are used.

AKTX4F, AKTX4F-W26 - Released 1st August 2007

Neatrol Systems has released the AKTX4F and AKTX4F-W26 Airkey transmitters. Specially designed for fixing to buildings, commercial vehicles and mining equipment, the AKTX4F is housed in a rugged sealed diecast Aluminium enclosure. The higher power output of the AKTX4F ensures a useable urban environment operating range of several hundred metres.

AKRXGSM - Released 27 July 2007

Neatrol Systems has released a combined Airkey / GSM receiver. Combining a normal Airkey receiver with a powerful GSM module enables any gate/door or alarm panel to be triggered by both Airkeys and mobile or fixed telephones. The receiver can be triggered by simply phoning the GSM module. As soon as the AKRXGSM detects an incoming call from a valid telephone it will trigger itís output as if a valid Airkey were used - without answering the call. Remote administration using SMS sent via PC software or manually on a mobile phone allows Airkeys to be added or deleted without having to physically travel to the receiver's location.

KPTX4-W26 - Released 26 July 2006

Neatrol Systems has released a wiegand version of the KP4AK wireless battery powered access keypad. The KPTX4-W26 will convert any 1-8 digit number (depending on format) and transmit it in Wiegand Airkey format to a matching wiegand Airkey receiver.

KP2TX4-W26 - Released 26 July 2006

Neatrol Systems has released a wiegand version of the KP4AK wireless battery powered access keypad. The KP2KTX4-W26 will convert any 1-8 digit number that matches the pin number of any one of 2000 slots and transmit the card number stored in the matching slot in Wiegand Airkey format to a matching wiegand Airkey receiver.

AKRX44-P - Released 24th October 2005

Neatrol Systems has released the AKRX44-P, a 4 channel - 4 output plug-in Airkey receiver. The AKRX44-P utilizes a redundant 0V connection and the unused external antenna connection as two extra open collector outputs. The net result is four separate outputs from the six available pins. Careful design has ensured the AKRX44-P is backwards compatible with all current gate controllers designed to operate with only one or two channel plug-in receivers.

Automatic Replace enhancement for AKRX42-P, AKRX42-S and AKRX44-S - Released 1st October 2005

Neatrol Systems has released a significant enhancement of the non-wiegand Airkey receivers. All receivers supplied after 1st October 2005 will have the ability to automatically replace a lost or stolen Airkey transmitter. When an Airkey is reported as lost, a replacement can be made (provided the original serial number is known) such that when it is used, it will automatically displace the lost transmitter without loss of security or functionality. Should the lost transmitter be later used, it will not be recognized or affect the replacement.

KP6, KP6EL, KP6EL/2000 - Released 21st March 2005

Neatrol Systems has released an enhanced version of the KP2 series of access control keypads. Now featuring an additional 4 user codes, the KP6 enables 3 different codes to be used for each of it's 2 relay outputs. The KP6 also features a simple method of user code removal. New circuit design reduces the quiescent current draw of the keypad to as little of 4mA, making it ideal for solar powered applications.

KP4AK - Released 8th November 2004

Neatrol Systems has released a 4 channel wireless battery powered access keypad. Four 4 digit codes can be used to trigger each one of the 4 relays of any standard AKRX44 series Airkey receiver. Fully sealed and surface mountable, the KP4AK provides the ultimate in installation convenience without compromising security.

OPTO232-485 - Released 27th September 2004

Neatrol Systems has released an optically isolated full duplex RS232 to RS485 serial interface. Capable of carrying data at up to 115K bits per second, at distances of over 1200m, with 3000 Volts of isolation, the OPTO232-485 provides a convenient and inexpensive solution to hard-wired commercial and industrial communications.

AKRX44-S - Released 15th April 2004

AKRX44-W26 - Released 15th April 2004
Neatrol Systems has released complete 4 channel - 4 output versions of the stand-alone S-series and 26 bit Wiegand receivers. With backwards compatibility, new four channel receivers can still be used with 2 channel transmitters.

AKTX4 - Released 20th January 2004

AKRX42-S - Released 20th January 2004
AKRX42-P - Released 20th January 2004
AKTX4-W26 - Released 20th January 2004
AKRX42-W26 - Released 20th January 2004
Neatrol Systems has released 4 channel versions of the Airkey transmitter and receivers. With backwards compatibility, new four channel Airkeys can still be used on 2 channel receivers, while two channel Airkeys can still be used with four channel receivers. The new 42 series receivers are capable of decoding any or all of the new Airkey's 4 buttons while maintaining the standard 2 output configuration. To reduce model variation, all receivers now feature 340 transmitter capacity as standard and the AKRX42-S now features universal power input from 12-28 Volts AC or DC.

Airkey integrated with Clearsonics Wayphone - Released 3rd November 2003

Neatrol Systems has announced the integration of Airkey technology with Clearsonics Wayphone kerbside emergency telephones. With full integration, Airkey transmitters have become a powerful deterrent against personal assault and harassment, particularly in education campuses and hospital precincts, since they can be used to remotely trigger a Wayphone from some distance which will then enable help to be called while also identifying the person who initiated the alarm.

AKTX2M - Released 21st October 2002

Neatrol Systems has released an enhancement to the stand-alone Airkey system. By programming in a specially configured AKTX2M Airkey in the first memory location of any of the AKRX22-S and AKRX22-P series of receivers purchased after 21st October, the user of that transmitter will be able to add new transmitters to the receiver by simply pressing both buttons on the AKTX2M transmitter and then within 4 seconds, pressing one of the buttons of the new transmitter. This enables transmitters to be added without having to gain access to the Airkey receiver directly, which in many cases is mounted along with potentially dangerous 240V mains equipment. By only allowing an AKTX2M that is programmed in the first location to add transmitters, there is no way a tenant, for example, to surreptitiously add extra transmitters without body corporate approval.

3PFI400 - Released 30th September 2002

Neatrol Systems has released a 3 three phase frequency inverter for gate motors in late September 2002. When coupled with any standard 240 Volt gate control and a single phase 240 Volt supply, the 3PFI400 will allow accurate speed control of any standard reversible gate motor with a power output of up to 1 horsepower or 400 Watts. Separately adjustable open and close speeds and acceleration/deceleration settings allow for maximum flexibility. With frequency control from 25 to 128Hz, the 3PFI400 can produce motor speeds as high as 256% and as low as 50% of normal speed when compared with the same motor running on a normal 50 Hz supply.

KP2EL/2000 - Released 20th August 2002

Neatrol Systems has released a further enhancement of the KP2 keypad. The KP2EL/2000 features the recently  released electro-luminescent keypad along with being presented in a Clipsal 2000 series single gang wall plate. The simplicity and visual appeal of the Clipsal 2000 series wall plates assures the KP2EL/2000 will blend in with even the most demanding interior design applications.

KP2EL - Released 7th August 2002

Neatrol Systems has released a milestone improvement for the KP series of keypads. The KP2/EL features an electro-luminescent keypad that enables the keys of the keypad to be visible even in total darkness. Intelligent use of the electro-luminescent substrate ensures that any extra current consumption used for illumination adds less than a fraction of a percent of the keypad's normal load.

KPCP - Released 15th May 2002

Neatrol Systems has released a new keypad product specifically designed for the caravan park market. The KPCP keypad and KPCP PC software enables caravan park managers to allocate 4, 5 or 6 digit PIN codes to the tenants of up to 1000 sites. Any site's PIN code can be given an automatic expiry date and time or can be set to permanent for long term residents. PIN codes can be typed in manually by the user or randomly selected by the program. Regardless of how the PIN code is selected, automatic scanning ensures that all codes in the database are unique and therefore not duplicated in the system.

AKRX22-S12A - Released 18th March 2002

AKRX22-S12A/340 - Released 18th March 2002
AKRX22-S24AD - Released 18th March 2002
AKRX22-S24AD/340 - Released 18th March 2002
In response to our customers requests, Neatrol Systems has released 12V AC and  24V AC or DC Airkey receivers and proximity readers. The 12A suffix denotes 12V AC input while the 24AD suffix denote 24V AC or DC input.

AKRX22-S12/340 - Released 6th March 2002
AKRX22-P/340 - Released 6th March 2002
AKPROX/340 - Released 6th March 2002
To further enhance the Airkey range of products, Neatrol Systems  have developed an extended memory version of all stand alone Airkey receivers and proximity readers. This new range denoted by the /340 suffix now has the capacity to store up to 340 Airkeys as opposed to the standard 85.

AKPROG - Enhancement released 6th March 2002

The Airkey programmer has been enhanced to take advantage of the extended memory capacity of the /340 Airkey receiver/reader range. The programmer can now be configured to interface with the current 85 transmitter receivers as well as  the new 340 transmitter models.

KPCR - Enhancement released 1st March 2002
The KPCR 26 Bit Wiegand keypad has now been enhanced to allow on-site setting of the unit's facility code. By the use of a shorting jumper, the KPCR can be programmed to any facility code from 0 to 255. Previously the KPCR had to be factory coded to the required facility code prior to delivery.


AKPROX - Released 17th December 2001

The AKPROX Airkey proximity readers bring unparalleled flexibility to the Airkey suite of products. Using contactless proximity technology, the same Airkey that remotely opens gates and garage doors can now be used as a secure proximity tag - all in the same package and at no extra cost. Using advanced Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) encrypted challenge and response technology, the Airkey Proximity reader now allows standard Airkeys to be used like proximity tags even if the Airkeyís battery is completely flat or even missing altogether. Available in either stand alone configuration with on-board dry contact relay output or as a standard 26 bit Wiegand output format, the AKPROX range of proximity readers further cements the Airkey as one of the most advanced access control products available.

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