EMC Testing

From 1st January 1999 all electronic products have to be tested and approved for EMC.

From this date it is illegal for any electronic or electrical product to be sold within Australia without a supported declaration of conformity to the Electromagnetic Compatibility standards set out by the Australian Communications Authority. Failure to comply with the EMC framework can result in company fines of up to $200,000.00 per offence. Even if your products are found to comply with the EMC emissions standards, it is still illegal to distribute or sell them if a full compliance folder with supporting evidence cannot be presented to the ACA on request. Additionally all compliant products must be labelled with the C-Tick compliance mark before being offered for sale. As general awareness increases in the community, the likelihood of non-compliance leading to prosecution increases daily. For all intents and purposes, a compliance audit by the ACA is less a case of IF and more a case of WHEN. Companies with supported compliance folders and correctly labelled product can feel secure while those without should justifiably worry.

EMC testing needn't be expensive.

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on specialised test equipment and shielded rooms when we can perform a complete series of tests for only $600.00 + GST  per product. Along with graphical printouts of each test run, we also include a report that interprets the results in plain English and gives an unbiased pass or fail assessment.

Standard features available.

Equipment Available:

SA1000 1.1 GHz EMC Analyser

The SA1000 with EMC Engineer software is the most powerful system available for compliance and pre-compliance emissions measurements. The SA1000 is unique in the way it combines the speed and functionality of a spectrum analyser with the accuracy of an EMI receiver. When used with the emissions reference source (ERS) for radiated emissions testing, it automatically compensates for test site errors and distortion.

The SA1000 is capable of displaying the spectrum over any part of the range 10KHz to 1100MHz with complete freedom of start and stop frequencies, with either logarithmic or linear scaling. This exceeds the range required to cover the EMC spectrum for all the common standards.

The unique SA1000 is the only analyser (at any price) which is totally PC controlled and yet covers all the requirements of EMC testing such as antenna factor compensation, standard limits with adjustment for distance, overload detection etc... It represents an outstanding performance advantage.

The SA1000 has a single frequency mode for true averaging and quasi-peak measurements which can be shown plotted against time. This enables trends and excursions to be monitored as required by the EMC standards for fluctuating emissions.

The system software is specifically designed for EMC measurements and comparisons with limit levels. Standard features include background nulling, antenna factor compensation, limit line display and multiple trace comparison.

Hardware Features


Frequency range10KHz - 1100MHz
Centre frequency control Infinitely variable
Sensitivity> -85dBm (22dBuV)
> -105dBm (2dBuV) at 500MHz
Max. RF Input (50R)3dBm (110dBuV)
Spurious response>40dB down from fundamental
Scan rateVariable, minimum 10 seconds

9KHz (<30Mhz)
120KHz (>30MHz)
Linear input dynamic range>70dB minimum
Modes>Instantaneous peak, average and quasi-peak
Audio demodulatorSlope demodulation
Internal loudspeaker

RF200 Broadband Antenna

The RF200 is a calibrated broadband antenna which enables direct measurement of field strength over the full radiated emissions spectrum.


Frequency range30MHz - 1GHz
Antenna FactorCurve issued with each antenna.
Data pre-loaded into EMCE software supplied
with Laplace EMC kit
CalibrationTested at NPL free space antenna test facility
TypeModified Log periodic